How Can We Make Our Smartphone Smarter?

Today I'll tell you about some setting options which will furnish you with new features once you change them. These will not only make your phone more secured but also more advanced.

1. To Hide Notification

For this you need to go to notifications settings option through Settings .

• Now select "On the lock screen" option and then choose "Hide Sensitive Notification Contact".

2. To Bring The Number Row Before The Alphabets On The Keyboard

For this select Preference option G-Board settings in your phone's settings and then switch on the 'Number row ' option in it.

• Many phones have this option in language settings.

3. Close Or Hide Useless Adds.

• For this you will have to move to Adds option in Google Settings through your main settings app where you will have to Switch On Opt Out Of Add Personalisation option .

• After doing so you will see a dialogue box saying "You Will Still See Adds but they may not based on your interest."

• Once this being switched on you will see much lesser or no useless Adds on your screen.

4. Safeguard Your Phone From Viruses

• For this you will have to move to Setting --> Google--> Security and then switch on Google Play Protect.

• After switching it on you won't need an anti-virus.

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